An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrument.
— Robert A. Rice Jr.

dotUSA, Inc. is a nonprofit tax exempt entity - but it is still a business. It needs to be funded. And the best way to fund a business is of course self-funding be the owners.

The owners of dotUSA, Inc. will be a sizable number of American chambers, trade and business associations - representing America's economy - and all 501(c)(3) entities themselves. They will be the sole beneficiaries of the profits arising from the registry business. The idea is to crowdfund dotUSA through the member businesses of the organizations.

Prior to the onboarding of the organizations and the process of initiating the self-funding a number of steps have to be undertaken:

  • dotUSA, Inc. has to be registered and the 501(c)(3) status be applied for to be able to provide tax exempt receipts to those contributing in the later stage crowdfunding.
  • The website and business plan has to be created and refined
  • Initial supporting endorsements from relevant stakeholders have to be solicited:
    • CANN cloud
      • ICANN process related entities such as the founders of the domain name system from 1984
      • Other registry operators running new gTLDs from the 2012 round
      • Registrars
    • Business organization cloud
      • Business organizations (chambers, trade and business associations)
      • Consultancies to business associations
    • Businesses of all sizes
    • Internet users and their representatives
    • Politicians


The funding goal of dotUSA, Inc. is $US 1 Million per year. That equals 500 contributions per $US 2,000 each. The funds are required to:

  • Maintain a small office in Washington D.C.
  • Have an initial limited staff that is engaged in:
    • Onboarding the organizations (chambers, trade and business associations)
    • Speaking at relevant events of these organizations to spread information about the project
    • Participating in the 2nd round new gTLD process at ICANN:
      • Lobbying ICANN board and the GAC at the 3 ICANN meetings and other Domain Name System relevant meetings and conventions
      • Participating in relevant working groups pertaining to the 2nd gTLD round
    • Further develop the dotUSA, Inc. business model and policies
    • lobbying at the DOC and the NTIA in order to obtain the necessary permissions to apply for the string "usa"
  • Accumulating funds for the start of the 2nd gTLD application round (estimated in or shortly after 2019):
    • Creation of the application in co-work with a consultant firm specialized in ICANN new gTLD application writing
    • ICANN related application costs:
      • the application fee which is likely to be around $US 200,000
      • potential fees for objections to other .usa applications
      • legal fees