Regardless whether you are an American Internet User, an American Business of small, medium or large size, or an American Business Organization of any kind:
We need your help. Could you share with us your thoughts about the gTLD project for a well regulated and organized .usa that will enable Internet Users to identify American business?

Internet User

  • Say two words about yourself: Who are you?
  • Are you interested in buying "Made in the USA"
  • Would a domain suffix .usa with domains like www.somecompany.usa assist you in identifying "Made in the USA"?
  • Where do you see the key benefit?



  • Who are you, what is your business about
  • Do you advertise the fact that you are manufacturing (or providing services) in America?
  • Would a .usa domain name assist you in that respect?
  • Which .usa domain names would you desire (e.g. your business name, a brand name or a generic keyword based domain)


Business Association

  • Who are you? Whom is your organization representing and how large is it?
  • Is a large percentage of your members manufacturing (or providing services) in America?
  • What benefits do you see for your members and for yourself in regard to .usa?
  • Would extra income from the .usa project impact you or are funds not a problem?


Send your statement to and please state your name and your function.